Helpful Security Tips for New Homeowners

There is no doubt that moving into a new home can be exciting; however, between getting all your belongings moved in, unpacking and getting organized, it can be quite easy to overlook security in the new home.

Thieves work where there is an opportunity. They will prey on people or locations they believe are “easy targets.” With movers coming and going from the space and the homeowners being distracted, a burglar can easily take advantage of the situation.

Prior to settling into your new home, take some time to address a few security concerns. Some tips that can help to keep new homeowners and their belongings safe include:

  • Change the locks – this should include window locks. You never know how many other copies are “out there.”
  • Perform a security audit – walk around and try to think like a criminal. Address any issues such as broken fences, bushes near the house or windows or doors that do not shut securely.
  • Install a security system – monitored security services are perhaps the best way to help keep your home secure.
  • Install plenty of outdoor lighting – motion or sensor lights are great at deterring would-be intruders.
  • Get to know the neighbors.

Moving into a new house is a huge occasion, but you cannot ignore the security issues that may be present. Be sure that you take note of the tips here to keep your new home and yourself safe and secure.

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