Cleaning Tips for Your Door Handles, Knobs and Hinges

There’s a good chance you use your door daily without giving much thought to the cleanliness of the knobs, handles or hinges. However, over time, this hardware can build up grime, dirt and invisible bacteria every time it is used.

Even in a small home, there are approximately two dozen knobs, not to mention the knockers and hinges that are pretty much forgotten when it comes to cleaning and lubricating. However, maintaining this part of your door can help ensure your door doesn’t carry nasty bacteria and that it continues working properly.

Important Considerations to Make Before Cleaning Copper or Brass Door Hardware
Copper and brass are two popular door hinge and handle materials that are used in modern homes. Over time, they are susceptible to tarnishing. The good news is, they can be cleaned. If you have a solid brass or a coated door knob, you will need to figure out if it is made of zinc, steel or brass plated iron. If so, they should be cleaned with warm and soapy water. If you use abrasives or rough polishing materials, it may remove the brass plating present and cause damage.

You can figure out want you have by using a magnet. They won’t stick to solid brass.

Easy At Home Solutions for Cleaning Copper and Brass Knobs
You can create a paste out of equal parts salt, vinegar and flour. Rub the past onto the copper or brass and leave it there for a few minutes before buffing the paste away with a soft cloth.

Another method is to take a ripe lemon and cut it in half. Put salt on the exposed pulp and rub it on your copper or brass. You can follow up with a cotton rag to remove any residue that remains.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Hardware
If you have stainless steel hardware on your door, the cleaning process can be a bit trickier. Instead of knowing what you can do, you should get to know what you should avoid. Some of the no-no’s related to cleaning stainless steel include:

• Avoid the use of hard water or cleaning the stainless steel when it is warm
• Don’t use an oven cleaner on it
• Don’t use any type of abrasive, such as steel wool
• Don’t ever use chloride or chlorine bleach

The best way to clean stainless steel is to use a damp, soapy cloth and water. If there is grime or gunk on the surface, you can use equal parts of vinegar and olive oil to clean them.

You should try to clean your door knobs and hardware regularly as this will help ensure it continues to look great and function properly.

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