Why Card Access May be the Safest Option for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to your commercial building’s security, one of the best options is a card access control system. Keypad locks and traditional lock and keys are not only outdated, but they can also be difficult to manage. Learn more about why you should consider card access for your commercial property here.

The Traditional Lock and Key: An Outdated, Easy to Breach Form of Security
If you use a traditional lock and key to keep your business secure, you may discover it presents more of a hassle than a benefit. Each key made makes your business that much more vulnerable. When you give a key to anyone, it requires quite a bit of trust. When you own a business and use this method, you are losing control of:

• When the keys are used
• When the keys are copied
• Who the copies of the key are given too

Also, anyone who has had a key (at any point) from ex-employees and cleaning staff, to contractors and more, may still be able to gain access to your business. The only other option is to change the key and lock each time someone is fired or no longer working with the company – this can get expensive quickly.

Why Keypad Locks are Not the Answer
One of the biggest benefit offed by keypad locks is that they don’t require a key. When you don’t need a key, you can eliminate the potential of unauthorized copies. Also, you don’t have to worry about keys being lost because a code will be used to gain entry. However, this still isn’t the best security option. With a keypad lock, you still don’t have control over who gains access to the combination or when the lock is opened.

Electronic Card Access: Unsurpassed Commercial Property Security
The most secure building option for commercial property security is to install a card activated access control system. These systems are extremely flexible and can work in any environment, including businesses, hospitals, schools and more. With the electronic cards, you receive the following benefits:

• Only able to be opened when the card is used.
• Only used during authorized and pre-programmed times.
• Eliminates the need for you to manually lock the door.
• Ability to log who accesses a certain area of the business, at what time and for how long.

As you can see, it makes sense to use a card access system to secure your property. If you want an effective and viable solution, then throw out the old lock and key, and secure your business with technology.

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