2015 February

Keep the Power

Take these steps to keep your security system functioning during a power outage:

Make sure you have a newer battery. Batteries last about 4 to 5 years and provide power for about 12-36 hours depending upon your system. An older battery may only last a few hours.
If your home/business is powered by a generator, be sure that your alarm system is one of the circuits being powered by the generator.
Locate your security system manual and learn how to silence your alarm in case it continues beeping to alert you of a power outage.
Write down the […]

Fire: Winter’s Hidden Hazard

6:35 pm

According to the National Fire Protection Association, winter is the time of year when the most home fires occur. Ensure rapid response from the fire department and emergency team with 24-hour monitoring for your home, business, or property. For more fire facts and safety tips from Home & Commercial Security, click here […]